English Theater of Performing Arts

The English Theater of Performing Arts was conceived with the aim of promoting English language culture and intercultural communication through the performing arts with particular emphasis on public performances.
From traditional evergreens to the contemporary scene, we produce engaging theater within a wide range of possibilities and styles. We are not limited to a specific type of production, with the only exception that they are all performed with a focus on the English language. Our goal is to share experiences through the spoken word in combination with all possible forms of artistic expression - drama, music, media  and visual art.




 In addition to music theater and drama productions of well-known works in English, one can also experience a range of different events, shows and new and innovative productions. Including:


- Pop-Up-Theater: Our original and unique shows are tailored to and performed in specific locations, such as; Bars, Restaurants, Offices, Hair Salons, Museums, etc.  A language guide is provided to help

with comprehension.

- Workshops (in English and German): In Acting, Singing, Songwriting in English, Public Speaking, Body language, etc. for adults as well as youth.

- Concerts


- Poetry Slams (in English and German) 

We are excited to be working with the soon to be renovated, Globe Theater : www.globe-oldenburg.de

*Our Guides include:
An overview of the piece in German, key translations and interesting facts. plus ideas for learning more in depth about the piece and the language used (i.e. grammar, idioms, etc.).


Sing-a-long with us

Group Karaoke Evenings in English

Our very first evening will be at the cafe/bar

'Die! Flänzburch' on the 5th of March!

Join us!

Friedenspl. 2, 26122 Oldenburg

Sing a long to your favorite English songs!

In a relaxed bar setting you can enjoy a drink and have fun singing, all while improving your English.

Come with friends or get to know new ones!

The lyrics are projected on a screen for easy reading and you will be lead through the songs from our entertaining, musical team. A translation and short discussion of the text accompanies each song.


Youth Theater Project

SPARK up a converstaion!

A SPARK of genius!

Watch the SPARKS fly!

SPARK! is our educational outreach program for young people. Whether in the theater or at your school - with our wide range of interactive plays and musical revues, we offer something for every age group from 12 to 19 years old. Our shows are performed with a small cast and are max. 1 hour long.

We also provide extensive study guides* for teachers and students to enhance the learning experience.

*Our Study Guides include:
An overview of the piece in German, key translations and interesting facts plus ideas for learning more in depth about the piece and the language used (i.e. grammar, idioms, etc.) through questions, activities and games.

More about us...

With revues, concerts, as well as full theatrical productions, we encourage learning, communication and cultural exchange through the concept of ‘Edu-tainment’ (a blending of education and entertainment). Studies have proven that people can learn language and communication particularly well through the study of dialogues from theatrical pieces as well as song lyrics. In addition, Bilingual productions with themes that promote understanding, celebrate cultural differences as well as point out similarities, are on offer.

We have a performing ensemble that is consists of professional actors and musicians as well as talented amateurs who come from all walks of life and many different countries and cultures. Their fluency in English ranges from beginner to native speaker.

Our dedicated and competent team is made up of experienced language, didactics, music and acting teachers and professional artists.

Curious? If you're interested in finding out more about us, contact us! We'd like to hear from you!







Fon: 0179 210 3474     Mail: mary.kehl@gmail.com

Oldenburg, Deutschland

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